Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little Daisy

When D was little, we used to pick these ten cents sized Daisy and make daisy chains for each other.

As I was trying to take a perfect picture, the wind was blowing. I think it blew memories of my first born so very far away in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Kiaora Ann,

It's so good to see someone else taking photos of daisies! I also love taking photos of flowers, plants and so called "weeds" that grow abundantly on my front lawn!

If you want you can check out my magic garden blog at or my other two blogs at: and

I have taken lots of photos of my garden which you can see at the magic garden blog.

Jo :-)

Anonymous said...

am aware they are annuals which mean they complete their life cycle in a year but I've known puha to be eaten all year round. The way I tell the difference in the leaves is that the puha leaves are a lot more bushier and they grow up the stem whereas the dandelion seem to grow down low and the flower sprouts up from the leaves. There are some good photos online if you do a google search.

Hope that helps,
Jo :-)