Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nanyang Connect

Sonja Bretschneider and I founded the Nanyang Connect. It was a vehicle to connect all those working and living in Nanyang technological University. Some times we do some public service, and this is one.

It is commendable that university students are getting involved in loving the world.

I'm Edwin shi a undergrad from Earthlink NTU. Earthlink is the only environmental club in NTU and promoting environmental awareness within the campus and beyond is our primary purpose.
I'm organising a Bring Your Own Bag Campaign which is coming up in 4th Feb. The idea of the campaign is to encourage the use of reusable bags for shopping and discouraging the use of non-environmentally friendly plastic bags. This campaign involves all retail outlets in NTU and hence we would like to publicise this to the general poppulation in NTU.

O’BON Reusable Bag Design Competition – My Style, My Bag

Bring Your Own Bag Day @ NTU (‘BYOB Day @ NTU’) is a campaign initiated by Earthlink NTU to encourage consumers within Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to reduce their use of non-environmentally friendly plastic bags, as well as to encourage the use of reusable bags. BYOB Day @ NTU will be held on every Wednesday starting from 4th February 2009. In line with this campaign, we are inviting all current students and staff in NTU to participate in the “O’BON Reusable Bag Design Competition” which is one of the activities that has been lined up for BYOB Day @ NTU.

• To raise the student’s awareness of the environmental problems brought about by the excessive use of plastic bags.
• To promote to the students the habit of “Bring-Your-Own-Bags” when shopping.
• To provide a platform for students to creatively demonstrate their art design to convey the environmental message effectively.

All participants need to register online for their participation before 21st Jan 2009.
There is no restriction on the materials and tools used by participants. Participants are to prepare the materials and tools themselves.
However, participants are strongly encouraged to make use of recycled and reused materials. (Old Clothes, Canvas, Old Banners, Plastics) Bonus points will be given to those who do so.
The design should include:
• A text line to show a clear message on environmental and green issues.
• A colourful visual art design to support the said message in a clear manner.

All the designs will be collected on the predetermined date, time and location.
No late submission will be accepted.
Each participant can submit only one entry to be considered for short-listing.
Participants are to be responsible for the originality of their submissions.

Competition Schedule
Participants are to take note and meet the below time-schedule.

21st Jan 2009 Registration due date
29th Jan 2009 (1200hrs) Deadline for Submission of design (Location will be notified through email)
29-30th Jan 2009 Design Display at EAC booth and Voting
30th Jan 2009 Results and Prize Presentation

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