Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Zealand Glaciers

The air is cool and crisp. The ice terminus is so near that it is tempting to go over the ropes and touch it.

The consultants at dept of Conservation say it is very safe as long as people obey the signs. Statistics show that it is usually tourists who get hurt because they flout the rules.


Anonymous said...

That is truly breathtaking!!!

Ann said...

Hi Choco,

Yes, Breathtaking, but may be deadly. Do you have reports in India about how two Australian bros of Indian origin were crushed to death?

Very sad.
Just follow my posts on this topic.

Anonymous said...

No I haven't heard. That's terrible.

Ann said...

Indian website Daijiworld Media Network reported the family had migrated to Melbourne from Mumbai.

A Mumbai-based aunt of the brothers said the family was still hoping and praying that Akshay would be found alive.

The brothers' parents are Ronnie and Winnie Miranda, the website said.

Constable Tony LeSueur, of Hokitika, earlier told Radio New Zealand: "Their (the boys) parents are on holiday with them, they're in Fox Glacier at the moment and they've been informed. Sadly this is their only two sons that died."

Yes, Choco,
it is terrible. The boys were their only sons and very smart ones.

I thought it might be big news in India. They were froom Mumbai orginally.


Anonymous said...

Really tragic. I had been following the news of a 7 year old boy who had been kidnapped from his school last week. But sadly he was found dead the day before.
After that I didn't feel like watching the news.

Anonymous said...

This site mentions the incident. Just read about it.