Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stardome, Auckland

Welcome to the Stardome.
Look up. The skies above us are home to stars, satellites, planets and galaxies and a wealth of valuable insights into the world we live in. At the Stardome Observatory, we have created an environment that brings together astronomers and enthusiasts, and inspires a love of the sky and the science behind it in even the smallest star gazers. Every year we use the best blend of education and entertainment to share our passion with close to 60,000 New Zealanders.

Our facilities include an amazing 360° digital dome theatre and the 0.5m Zeiss telescope. Situated in Auckland’s One Tree Hill Domain, we are New Zealand’s leading astronomical attraction and we invite you to enjoy the view.
We have our sweet story about the Stardome. Back almost thirty years ago shortly after we were married. We didn't have children or nappies to worry about. We used to go around Auckland driving our Ford Escort. We were at the Stardome one evening, and we met this Japanese lady with her two pre-teen kids.
We said hi, and she thought we were Japanese.  My grand dad would have been proud of my hospitality and we struck up a conversation. They were very trusting when we offered to take them round Auckland. She was a plastic surgeon and was holidaying with her kids. We took them places that the tour  guides would not normally take tourists to.
The next evening, I cooked her dinner of pan fried mullet, steamed rice and veg. She was so pleased as they were tired of Kiwi food. When we took them back to their hotel, she told us to wait at the lobby
She came down with two beautiful dresses, a Japanese silk make-up bag, and two bangles. The dresses are long gone, but I can still remember them and the remarks of my Japanese dresses. One of the bangle was very unusual, it had some twenty "bangs" join together at the ends. The gold colouring had gone, and I asked a jeweller in Malaysia if he could coat it in gold for it. It proved too expensive, and he said, he won't recommend it.
I still keep them, as a token of our friendship. I have forgotten her face, but I guess she would remember the time when she met this couple who she said," very handsome couple who have no need of her professional services as a plastic surgeon." May be her son and daughter might come back to visit the Stardome and recollect the time they had pan fried mullet in our little apartment.

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