Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day at the beach 1

Auckland's weather varies in a day. People comment that there can be four seasons in Auckland. Yesterday afternoon was really good. We went to Mission Bay, a very popular beach. Glad we went because toward the evening, it got cool, and went down to 18 degrees.
They say the ozone hole above New Zealand is getting bigger and bigger. Too much ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer and cataracts in people. We are asked to:
SLIP: wear loose and long sleeved clothes, collar tops to prevent sun burn

SLOP: on all our skin, slop generously UV sun screen

SLAP: a wide brim hat

WRAP: sunnies or sunglasses

SLIDE: under the shade under sun umbrellas or trees
This person in the photo is very smart. He brought along a tent to slide under.
The year before D was born, I was working very closely with J.  J had migrated from England where there was not much sun. She would go under the sun, until her skin peeled and I thought it was really ugly. But she thought it was great. I wonder if she is still doing it.

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