Sunday, January 18, 2009


When my immediate younger sister Margaret was in Secondary school, she had cooking lessons in school. She came back and offered to cook this delicious Ketola vegetable. Then she proceeded to pick a loofah.

I thought,"  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" only it was the opposite, "A loofah by any other name would taste just as awful." The Ketola mustn't have created an impression, because I have no memory of how it tasted, or the recipe. I must ask her if she remembered.

As I explained in my previous post, loofahs, SING KUAs/Ketolas, they are actually very good and delicious. But when you were a teenager, and you had to eat loofah day in and day out, you soon get tired of it, or a direct translation of my Kwong Liang dialect, scared of it.

Recently, Rose came over from Australia and we were talking about this  very issue. Rose said that Dad did know how to grow veg, he would grow so much of the same veg. The tropical heat meant the plants grew lush and produced much fruits.

I told her, I was walking Dad's foot steps. In the beginning, when I sow the seeds, or buy the baby seedlings, I worry that the plants won't grow. To be safe, I grow a lot of it. Then I have so much frutis. In Singapore, I used to go round my neighbourhood offering my organically grown vegs. It was history repeating, my kids and the water engineer became scared of eating my veg. I tell them they are high in nutritional value. Now G longs for my Singapore begs.

Joseph in the Gold Coast grows another type of KUA, it is smooth without the ribs. You can get the sponge too.

***This is the cross section view of the loofah, there are 3 chambers where the seed grow.***

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