Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wheels: 4-wheel drives


These 4-wheel drives are King of the road, and in Australia, King of the bush.

They are very popular in Sarawak because of the rugged nature of our roads.

On one of my trips to Sibu, my friend M came to pick me up and gave me a tour. It was good seated high up.

My sister Margaret and her husband drive two of them. One evening, it was raining dogs and cats. At the traffic lights, a car from the back banged into T. T. just drove on. I asked T. why he didn't stop to see if there was any damaged. T. mentioned something to the effect that his car was like a tank, and would not suffer any damage. The car from behind most probably would.

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Grace said...

During Chinese New Year, everyone return to Sibu from other parts of Sarawak with their huge 4 wheel drives. The local affluent housewives must own one too.
The drivers in Sibu town are road gangsters, there is no courtesy at all.
Even when you are parking, the 4 wheel drive will hijack your parking spot that you have been waiting for. The drivers would not even bat an eyelid. What can I do but frown, once the kids in one of those big vehicle gave me their "finger".

If you don't have a big car in Sibu, don't go out unnecessarily.