Thursday, February 19, 2009

Antique car


I don't know if this car can be considered an antique car.
When I was little, our first car was a fiat. It  had a plate S899. S for Sibu, and the 899 car in Sibu. It was an auspicous number in Chinese. 8 sounds like prosperous  and 9 sounds for ever. Mum and Dad had nine of us in that little car. We had a lot of fun going for outings and picnics.  We didn't prosper financially, but we all did well in all other ways.
***This is not the fiat car we had. I just wanted an old car for this post.***
I think the white car in this link if the same model fiat we had. Our car was a light grey body and a dark blue top.

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Mary said...

Lovely old car. I'm sure it was filled with a lot of love when all 9 of you were in it.

Thanks for the link.