Saturday, February 14, 2009


Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits. During my younger days in Sarawak, with my siblings, we love green mangoes. The crunchiness still makes my saliva glands secrete salivate. We eat it with a sauce of soya sauce, chilli, salt and sugar.
These days, I am miles away from my siblings in Sarawak, Singapore and Australia, I have no body to eat the green mangoes with. They don't taste the same. If I get a semi green mango, I make a mango salad with fish sauce.

In school, my students from Samoa eat them unpeeled and uncut. My drool come out, as I see them munch away. The other day, a French student ate her mango the same way. So I came home and tried to munch into this unpeel uncut Mango from Peru. I managed only one third of it. Then I peeled the skin before eating it.
In Singapore, the Chinese believe that mangoes are very heaty, and people get sick after the mango season. So they encourage us to drink a lot of cooling tea. The Indians think that eating yogurt would counteract it.
If you just like sweet mangoes with thick flesh, the Brisbane mangoes are very good. But I like a little sourness in my mangoes.
My mango salad is very popular and is very attractive. You see a photo of it when you click this link of holiday food.
You need two semi green mangoes cut into strips, and salt it a little.
Cut green and red capsicum the same strips as the mangoes.
Cut red onions into rings.
Chop spring onions.
Mix with one lemon juice, sugar, 1 teaspoon of fish sauce.(optional if you can't stand the smell or taste)
Chill and serve in a big glass bowl.
The Thais serve mango as a dessert with glutinious rice and coconut. cream. You can can preserved mango slices from Philipines.
***I showed the bitten into mango when I tried to copy the way my students eat them uncut and unpeel. As you can see, I didn't go very far.***

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