Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eden Park, redevelopment plans

Eden park is our Icon for rugby and cricket. I have never been inside because the water engineer is a fan but only an arm chair fan. So I went for a little walk along sandringham Road to have a glimpse of this stadium that every Aucklander should be proud of. The detractors of Eden Park complain that it is too noisy, but proponents say that they should have bought their houses there. Eden Parks had been there more than 100 years. it wasn't that they didn't know about it.

Eden Park is New Zealand's largest stadium. Every year, we host almost half a million local and international sports fans and patrons who attend matches and functions at the Park.

Eden Park has been the home of Auckland Cricket since 1910 and Auckland Rugby since 1925. Our 100 year history boasts some of New Zealand's proudest sporting moments, including the 1950 Empire Games, inaugural 1987 Rugby World Cup and 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Since the early 1900s we have hosted major rugby and cricket matches, and are now regular hosts of the Bledisloe Cup, Air New Zealand Cup, and Super 14 games.

Most recently, Eden Park was named the finals venue for the Rugby World Cup 2011 and the co-host for Cricket World Cup 2015.

Today, Eden Park seats 48,000 spectators. The Park will be redeveloped to a 60,000 seat capacity in time for Rugby World Cup 2011. To read more about these changes, visit the Eden Park Redevelopment Board website.

The Park is located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, and is well served by arterial roads, bus and rail. It is centrally located in the vibrant suburb of Kingsland less than 3km from the CBD.

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