Monday, February 16, 2009

A little church on the beach.Okahu Bay Church.

The little church at Orakei Beach near to Bastion Point. It has a little cemetery where Maoris are buried, babies, little children and grown ups.

I have become quite attached to this cemetery because because I often go to the beach at Okahu bay and Mission bay. Sam likes to play at the Okahu Domain Park. When I am there, I say a quiet pray for the mums who have buried their babies there, and for my self. My baby was not buried here, but out west at Waikumate cemetery.

This church has a long history way back to the founding of Auckland. TheMaoris gave land to the government.

In 1858, the Ngati Whatua gave land at Orakei to the Anglican Church for a chapel and school.

Tamaki Makau Rau is the Maori name for Auckland city.

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