Friday, February 13, 2009

Shells and Boys on the beach

There are all sorts of shells and oysters on the rocks.
During my student days, I used to go with my friends and use a rock to hammer the shell away, and eat the raw oysters right there and then.
These days, the water engineer is hammering my brain about pollution. I lament that I have to forgo this pleasureable treat.

In a sense, he is right. During our recent power cut, raw sewage was dumped into our bay.

Safety advice is being issued after raw sewage was discharged into the Waitemata Harbour following the power cut. Auckland Regional Public Health Service is advising people to take extra care with food and water.
The raw sewage was discharged after power to the Orakei and St Heliers pumping stations failed temporarily.

Medical officer of health Dr Cathy Pikholz advised people to keep away from any sewerage overflows, and to avoid swimming close to St Heliers Bay and Okahu Bay for the next 48 hours. Dr Pikholz also advised people not to collect shellfish from the affected areas.

Auckland City Council has put signs up at the beach, advising people not to swim at the beach for 48 hours.
NZ Herald

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