Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little boy called home

The bells tolled:

Born into this world: 2 June 2003 Went to be with Jesus: 20 February 2009

After a three year battle with cancer, D went to be with the Lord at 1:25 p.m today (Queensland time, Australia).

The Chinese have a saying, The worst kind of grief is for a gray hair person to farewell a black hair person. I know, because I have been there, and during my journey of grieving for my lost baby, I know, it is not only Chinese, but universal. But I will never know exactly how his mum feels because no two situations are the same.

I grieve with you, you will miss D, your arms will feel empty.

I pray that God will be with you at this sorrowing time.

My prayers for the rest of the family.

As Christians, we can be consoled that D has gone to his Father in Heaven, though at this time, it is very difficult.

In God's name and with much love,

***White Yucca flowers for D's family***


Reader Wil said...

Oh how sad to read this! I always think how it feels to lose one of my children or grandchildren. I cry very easily these days. I feel so sorry for the bereaved parents. He is with Jesus! Still he will be missed.

Glennis said...

Thank God I have never had to feel such grief.
The Yucca flowers are so beautiful and perfect.
He lives in your hearts now.

Anonymous said...

Losing a child must be the worst kind of grief a person can face.

Your post was very touching. Now he will be in our prayers and hearts too.