Friday, February 20, 2009

Crab apples

Along the road sides of most Auckland roads, there are trees. Some lucky people get fruit and nut trees. I have never been lucky, there had never been any fruits or nut trees in the many houses I have lived in. The nearest I get to are crab apples trees. There were crab apple trees along Williamson Ave when i was a student waiting to catch my bus to university, and now along Te Ra road where I park my car when I go to school.
But crab apples are not fruits. They are cra*, according to a friend. They are not edible and a nuisance. He, of course is a non nature lover, he says the birds eat the crab apple and sh** on his drive way when they perch on the power lines. You can't blame him, he was a victim of child bullying. Big boys used to stuff their pockets with rock hard green crab apples, and pelt him with them.
Well, Child bullying is another story. This Wednesday is world bullying day or anti bullying day. We are encouraged to wear pink. That's for another post. You can bet I will be pink from head to toe, not exactly toe, but I will be wear a pink top and a pink skirt. I must check my ward robe to see what else that is pink. I did have a pair of pink jandals but I gave it away.
Actually some people do eat the crab apple. They make them into jellies. But I have not eaten any. I did try to eat crab apple, and they didn't taste very nice. Perhaps if I ate it with my siblings like when we were young kids, everything would taste good.

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