Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Samoa Cricket:Kirikiti 2

The Samoan, Tongan, Cook Islanders, Nuiens and other Polynesians are very friendly people. I went back to Wesley park to try my luck to see if they are there. And they were. I think they must be having a post mortem of the match. They were sitting in a semi-circle and listening to two elders. I was taking the pix of the bats when they called out to me. One of them obliged me by holding up his bat. If any of you reading this post and know any of them, please let them know.
According to my girl friend and neighbour Sue, a Samoa girl has many wedding dresses, some of them are given by their aunties in Samoa ,
When I got married, the water engineer and I had just graduated and we didn't have a big budget. We couldn't afford an expensive wedding dress and I shared this predicament with Sue. She discussed this with her newly wed cousin. This cousin offered me her brand new unused wedding dress. After a few alterations, it suited me as though it was made for me. She only asked to be invited to the wedding, which I happily said yes.
Sue was next door from me. We were also neighbours with Inoki and Finau at Scalan Street in Grey Lynn.. Finau did Sociology with me. He did a post graduate course after I left. I have not seen these three friends since. Now when I asked my young students to ask their parents if they knew this Finau. They came back with the joke, Finau is like John, there are so many Finaus. Just like Sione which is John. I just met a new friend Sio. I didn't get around to ask if Sio is short for Sione. I told him he will be a good role model for my ESOL students.

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