Friday, February 6, 2009

New Zealand: Waitangi Day 2009: 3

Zero-waste Strategy Management: Here's the Volunteers at work. Dressed in our official crew kowhai/yellow or kikorangi/blue T-shirt and cow boy hat, we trudged our kikorangi/blue and kakariki/green bins to our different stations. This year, we had our buddies so we could have tiny breaks to watch the arrival of the dignitaries from the Waka/ boats and to listen to the bands.

I was lucky that I had C. as my buddy. She is well travelled and while we were standing in the sun and waiting for our customers, we walked about her travels. We educated the public as to which bins they should sort their waste. Towards the end of the day, we went among the crowd to collect their rubbish so as the make the work faster when everyone left.

It was a very hot day with hardly any clouds. The festival was at the beach, but there was hardly any breeze.

***Ngarimu on his red scooter as he went around the grounds to see if we were OK***

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