Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is a surprise for that ex-junior SPCA member in my house. I am glad she still loves puppies and animals. She used to volunteer in the zoo and clean up the muck of elephants. Saturday was a day we slept in, but because the zoo was very far away, and she had to be there early, the water engineer had to oblige her.
I used to take the kids to pet shops because the water engineer doesn't like them in the house. I snuck into the pet shop and secretly took the pix.
I grew up always having dogs. But they were working dogs in the sense that they were guide dogs. Our cats were working cats.
The Sarawak cats are  good mousers. Once I read that in Saudi Arabi, their cats have grown so fat and lazy that they lost their innate feline abilities to catch mice. they did some sourcing and found the Sarawak cat to be the best mouser. They imported our cats to breed.
In my Mum's house, we fed the cats only lunches. They have to find their own dinner. That is why they are good mousers.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! They are such darlings!

R said...

Awww.. what cute dogs. I have a pet Lab too.