Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Zealand Waitangi Day 2009: Others

In a big crowd like this, it is inevitable to have security, police and the St John Ambulance.
To add in the fun, colourful lei and hat vendor, and a juggler.
Here I finish my posts on Waitangi Day, known overseas as New Zealand Day. I hope I had given you a glimpse of what makes New Zealand unique.

I welcome you to visit my beautiful adopted country. As a Kiwi, I invite you to read my Come Visit New Zealand , an article I wrote two years ago which I posted to many writers' websites.
Ka kite anō /See you again


dinzie said...

Great site :O) Love the pictures :O)


Reader Wil said...

Wonderful photos,Ann! How thoughtful of you to ask after my daughter. Fortunately she is ok. It rains in Cooktown but not too much, but how awful to those who live in Victoria with all those bushfires. People lost their homes and all their possessions and 108 people died.