Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Zealand water fowl: Pukeko

These water fowls can be seen where there are water mashes. You can see them in Western Springs and any parks where there is water. This one was photographed at a Remuera.
Remuera is a rich residential area and is home to many well known New Zealanders including Paul Holmes and the late Sir Edmund Hillary.
The Pukeko is relatively big like a grown duck.
I think of the Sarawak water fowl SWEE JIANG KAI that when I was young, my Grand Dad used to trap and BBQ for us. This bird is really small, and I didn't quite appreciate his effort because there was so much work in defeathering. Sometimes after BBQing, he would braise them so that at least the gravy will go around our bowl of rice so we all have a little bit of it.
It turned out that History repeated itself. When my Dad retired, and after Mum's demise in Australia, he returned to Sarawak. In Kuching, he did the same for Rose's children. trapping and BBQing the water fowls. The kids, Flora, Raymond and Andrew recalled with fond memories.

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